Geographic Feature: American Fur Trading Co. Fort


(1810 – 1828) There were two fur trading posts on the Souris River run by the American Fur Trading Company. The exact location of the other one is unknown.


The American Fur Company’s attempt to lay claim to the furs along the Souris River About 1810 - 1828 The Border Today we regard the international boundary between Canada and the United States as a static, non-negotiable part of the landscape. This attitude towards the border is a relatively recent one, developed over the past 140 years. Before the 1870s the border was not a solid obstacle, especially not to the fur trappers and traders who made a living off the land. [[inline:left:moose-hunting]] The uncertainty of where the international border was located offered an opportunity for Canadian and American fur …
The Fur Trade on the Souris River flourished because of the proximity of grassland favoured by grazing bison. Pemmican made from these magestic beasts supported the rest of the fur trade.