Geographic Feature: Mandan-Assiniboine Battle


(1780) Spurred on by the Dakota, the Mandans waged several battles against the Assiniboine. This was closely following the dissolution of an alliance between the Mandan and the Assiniboine.


At home in southwest Manitoba for centuries The Assiniboine were once a Nation that occupied a territory that spanned the prairie provinces (including southwest Manitoba) and parts of the northern United States. Once numbering 10,000 strong, the Assiniboine spent at least two centuries hunting bison on the plains surrounding Turtle Mountain, and in later years actively participated in the fur trade on the Souris River. [[inline:left:assiniboine-camp]] Legend The Assiniboine were members of the Yanktonai arm of the Dakota Nation, who lived in the western forests of what is now Minnesota. The Assiniboine broke off from the Yanktonai sometime before 1640. …
The Mandan Trail was a primary artery of travel and trade between the Assiniboine River forts and the Missouri River where the Mandan First Nations lived.