Geographic Feature: Moncur Gallery – People of the Plains


The Moncur Gallery contains over 1000 artifacts, most of which local historian Mr. Bill Moncur picked up out of his field.


Moncur Gallery

OPEN during summer hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm. Visit or call the Boissevain and Morton Regional Library to arrange off-season access

PHONE: 204-534-6478

Admission: Adults $5.00 per person. Youth (12-17): $2.00 per person. Children: no charge.

Location: 420 South Railway St, Boissevain (access is through the Boissevain Library)

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Glance far back into the area’s history at the Moncur Gallery. Established through the collection of ancient artifacts by William Moncur, an avid local amateur archeologist, the gallery specializes in the history of the Aboriginal people who first came to the area 11,000 years ago. Included in the collection are more than one thousand artifacts all from the time when the first people of the region lived among the Turtle Mountains.

Things to See

  • Council Stones
  • Proboscidean Tusk (Over 33,000 years old!)
  • Ceremonial Items
  • Ancient food preparation items
  • Bison Skeleton
  • Bison Robe
  • Extensive collection of projectile points

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