Vantage Points Vol. 1

Vantage Points Volume 1

A Collection of Stories from Southwest Manitoba.

Published January 2009.
Researcher and Author on behalf of TMSPHA: Teyana Neufeld

The first volume of Vantage Points grew from a series of “one pager” articles which were developed to be part of the booklets we put together for use on our regional tours. These articles were edited further and formed into a publication.

“The Turtle Mountain area of southwestern Manitoba is steeped in history and this excellent book makes it come alive. There is something here for any fan of Manitoba history. Those interested in historical sites will find stories about frontier posts like Lena House and Fort Mr. Grant, one-room schoolhouses, a First Nation reserve (the smallest in Canada!) and ghost towns such as Whitewater and Turtle Mountain City. In the days before provincial highways, trails meandered across the prairie and here we learn about the pathways of history passing through the region, such as the Boundary Commission Trail, the Boiler Trail, and the Dunseith Trail. The stories are enriched by the many colourful personalities who made the sites noteworthy: the rum runners, coal miners, naturalists, Metis fiddlers, and wily entrepreneurs.”

Words of Gordon Goldsborough, Past President and Webmaster of the Manitoba Historical Society in the Guest Introduction to Vantage Points.