Vantage Points Vol. 3

Vantage Points Volume 3

A Layering of Footprints.

Published April 2013
Researcher and Author on behalf of TMSPHA: Teyana Neufeld

We are proud to present Vantage Points III! Stories in the newest volume of Vantage Points come from all around our region. They range from archaeological dig sites in the Lauder Sandhills, to a discussion on the first Numbered Treaties, from centres of recreation to surviving churches and general stores. Pick one up today!

“A single footprint is nearly invisible; quickly erased by wind and weather. it is when dozens, hundreds and thousands of footprints become layered on top of one another that we see evidence of people passing. The footprint itself is not what we are seeing – it is the evidence that people were here, and remain here by relying on the steps taken by those who have come this way before.”

Words from Teyana Neufeld’s Welcome