Resources for Schools

Our goal is to make Vantage Points resources readily available for classroom use and to create Resource Packages upon request. Contact our Projects Manager, Ken Storie, at – he is more than willing to collaborate with teachers in finding additional resources and in devising ways to use the resources at hand.

Current Research Topics

Metis Culture

Gathering & Harvesting
Metis Beadwork
The Metis Sash
Additional Photos
Photos (People)

General Regional History Articles

Edible & Medicinal Plants  

Seeds of Knowledge    By Jay Whetter
Winnipeg Free Press           October 8, 2022

2. Native Plants – Learning from the Past

3. Manitoba Native Plants: A List

4. Native Plants” General Resources

Hartney’s People

Hartney’s Notable People & Related Resources

History Resources: Minto

Vantage Points Collection

History Resources: Deloriane

Vantage Points Collection

History Resources: Melita

Vantage Points Collection

History Resources: Pierson

Vantage Points Collection