We are beginning to sort our extensive collection of resources around Themes in the hope that educators and researchers can find materials the suit their specific needs. Currently the links take you to a temporary external site where much of the material is stored.

We will be integrating our newer resources into the current themes feature on our “Interactive Map”

Common Themes in History

a. Trails / Rivers
b. Railways
c. Fur Trade
d. Metis / Mixed Blood
e. Dakota / Nakota / First Nations 
f. Settler Pre-Railroad
g. Community Cooperation / Organization
h. Schools / Teachers 
i. Churches / Religion
j. Innovation / Tools / Entrepreneurs
k. Women Leaders 
l. Children 
m. Health & Well Being
n. Homesteading / Agriculture
o. Land Knowledge / Archaeology 
p. Commerce & Work
q. Cross-Culture Learning
r. Biographies / Characters  
s. Celebration
t. War / Conflict 
u. Government Influence 
v. Animals
w. Events & Adventures
X. Recreation